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I want to be a representative in the truest sense of the word, advocating for our district in the same way I advocate to get the best I can for my law clients.
Abigail Salisbury

A Brief Introduction

Who is Abigail Salisbury?

She is currently serving her fifth year on Swissvale Borough Council and she spent the past two years as its President, but Abigail is also a small business owner, working as a practicing solo attorney from her office in Swissvale. While she was working as the Executive Director of, a legal news and commentary organization hosted by Pitt Law, she saw many nonprofits and small businesses struggling to find and afford legal advice, often with disastrous consequences. As is typical of her character, she saw a need and stepped up to fill it, starting a reduced-cost law practice catering specifically to those entities in 2015.

Earlier in her career, she focused on international law and worked in law offices, universities, and banks in Kosovo, Ethiopia, and Senegal. She has published articles in academic journals on subjects as diverse as selling endangered animal pelts, legal research and writing instruction methods, and employment discrimination against people with autism.

Listening Above All Things

Guiding Principles


Elected officials are public servants, and they should act accordingly. Residents must be able to rely on these officials to do their best to represent the community's needs and interests and to deliver helpful constituent services.


We all want to live in safe communities, but we must ensure that policing practices are also safe for everyone who lives or visits here. We deserve environmental safety as we combat the effects of pollution and climate change. People must feel that medical emergencies will not endanger their ways of life by trapping them in debt.


Abigail believes that children deserve educations which set them up for successful futures, she wants to bring back as much opportunity to the district as possible, and she wants to create new possibilities for small businesses and other ventures.
Let's Get Things Done


Action-Oriented Representation

Our district needs a State Rep who is responsive to residents, who fights for tax dollars to come home, and who gets necessary resources to the region. We need fresh, practical ideas to meet today's challenges and we need to work together to solve them in a timely manner.

Entrepreneur Support

Small businesses, startups, social enterprises, and local organizations make up the backbone of a community and they need support and resources to thrive, create community bonds, and revitalize our region's sparsely populated and often blighted business districts.

Education to Meet Tomorrow's Challenges

We must invest in people and recognize that we all have unique skills and dreams. Our public schools need our support. We must work to create pathways to fantastic futures through not only college preparedness, but also access to skilled trade training programs.

Climate-Ready Infrastructure

PA's Constitution guarantees us the right to clean air, pure water, and the preservation of the natural, scenic, historic, and aesthetic values of the environment. However, our region is already experiencing the consequences of climate change and we must be prepared. Day-to-day issues such as stormwater management, combined sewer overflow, and land subsidence may not be exciting to many, but they sure do matter when your basement is filled with backed-up fluids or when a hill slides down onto your street.
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